As the first birthday approaches

This Saturday, my baby turns one year old. This time last year, I had just started maternity leave. I was gleefully gathering pictures and writing a pregnancy notebook to give to my girl when she got older and could appreciate it. I was reading. And sleeping (kinda).

This week I’m feeling all the feelings. That tiny girl is now walking around my house and saying things like “mama” and “hi” while waving and clapping her hands. She’s *really* a tiny person, complete with her own personality, preferences, and frustrations.

I plan to write my birth story within the next few weeks but it’s much harder than I anticipated. I mean, part of the difficulty is trying to remember the details of the whole 48 hour ordeal 365 sleep deprived days later, but I’ve also found it to be slightly trigger-inducing. March 28th is my baby’s birthday but it was also a day of injury and trauma for me.

So in the meantime, we’re gearing up for a little celebration complete with a homemade birthday banner, a taco bar, and of course, cake.

The kid turns 1 this weekend!
The kid turns 1 this weekend!